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Benefits of gas

At Sound Energy, we are environmentally focused and compliant with all international and local operating standards. We have a keen focus on energy conservation, which includes a CO2 recovery project at Tendrara Eastern Morocco. We are also advancing the development of renewable sources (solar and wind) at Tendrara to fully run all operations.

Renewable Energy

While we continue to progress our development projects in LNG, we are actively seeking renewable energy projects both in Morocco and further afield. Morocco has a reliance of coal that we are keen to offer alternatives too – especially in remote areas where access to power and electricity is hard for obtain for many communities.

Energy growth plans in Morocco

  • Regulation
  • Supply options by ‘AMI’ (Call for expressions of interest)
  • LNG by Tanker Trucks and / or Isotanks, FSRU Liquefaction, Terminal Onshore
  • GRT creation
  • GME- Kenitra-Mohammedia- Berchid Pipelines (Atlantic Ridge)
  • Tendrara-GME pipe LNG storage
  • Smaller networks to consumption areas
  • Authorizations, approvals - Distribution by road and pipelines
  • Existing or new distribution companies

  • Diversification of supply sources Reverse flow, local, GME import
  • Importation of LNG
  • Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline Project
  • National pipe network (GME + Local Sources + Berchid-JorfLasfar-Agadir pipe) Onshore port infrastructures Storage
  • Distribution by network in areas close to GME and local production
  • Development of networks towards consumers

  • Diversification of NG / LNG sources
  • GME import / sea route
  • Nigeria – Morocco gas pipeline
  • National pipeline network
  • GME -Agadir-Dakhla Gas Pipeline
  • Nigeria-Morocco
  • Other port infrastructures: Agadir, Dakhla
  • Extension of networks in industrial zones in regions with high domestic potential
  • Electricity production