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Together we are fuelling the Energy Transition

Sound Energy first entered the basin by farming into the Tendrara-Lakbir Petroleum Agreement in June 2015, taking a 55% working interest in the Petroleum Agreement, partnering ONHYM (25% interest) and Oil & Gas Investment Fund (20% interest). Sound Energy also assumed the Operatorship.

In December 2015, Sound Energy entered into a Field Management Agreement with Schlumberger. Under the terms of the agreement, Schlumberger agreed to fund a significant portion of the capital expenditure on the first three Tendrara wells and provide technical services, equipment and personnel to the Company.

The first well, TE-6, was designed to appraise the larger of the two existing gas discoveries in the Tendrara-Lakbir Petroleum Agreement, the TE-5 Horst, with a view to addressing the residual reservoir uncertainties (well deliverability and areal continuity) and proving up sufficient reserves to properly size the design of the infrastructure required to commercialise the gas. This vertical well was drilled and tested, and achieved a highly commercial gas flow, post stimulation, of 17.9 million standard cubic feet of gas per day (MMscf/d), which was well above the Company's initial expectations.

The Company then proceeded to drill a second horizontal well, TE-7, with multiple stages of mechanical stimulation and achieved a post stimulation peak rate of 32 MMscf/d. The third well, TE-8, was drilled as an ambitious step out located 12 kilometres to the northwest of the gas discovery proved unsuccessful.

In 2017, Sound Energy acquired the remaining interest of the Oil & Gas Investment Fund in the Tendrara Lakbir Petroleum Agreement.

Also in 2017, the Company entered into the adjacent Anoual Petroleum Agreement, an area with the same fundamental geology, with Schlumberger farming into 27.5% of this Agreement by fully funding a regional exploration programme, including an airborne Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry ("FTG") & magnetic surveying, and 2D seismic coupled with magnetotelluric ("MT")/ time-domain electromagnetics ("TDEM") surveying across the region.

Building our Long-term Partnerships and Knowledge

In August 2018, Sound Energy and partners to the Tendrara-Lakbir PA were awarded the 25-year Tendrara Production Concession relating to the Tendrara gas discovery of the TE-5 Horst by the Moroccan Ministry of Energy. The production concession award covers an area of 133.5 sqkms. After fulfilling all earlier work programme obligations, the partnership decided not to enter the second Complimentary Period of the Tendrara-Lakbir Petroleum Agreement, therefore, the area held under this Agreement was abandoned.

In October 2018, Sound Energy and a new consortium including Schlumberger were awarded the new Greater Tendrara Petroleum Agreement, with new work programme obligations and a newly defined area.

The partnership proceeded to drill two long step out exploration wells, TE-9 and TE-10, located approximately 27 kilometres and 34 kilometres respectively from the TE-5 Horst and on the Greater Tendrara Petroleum Agreement area. Neither well resulted in a commercial gas discovery.

In July 2020, the Company completed a re-negotiation of the terms of its Anoual Petroleum Agreement with ONHYM. The initial period was extended to 4 years and 4 months from 31 August 2017 and work programme amended to include an exploration well.

In 2021, Sound Energy entered into a sale and purchase agreement to acquire Schlumberger’s entire participating interests in the Anoual and Greater Tendrara Petroleum Agreement, together with full control over Schlumbergers participating interest in the Tendrara Concession.