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Recent CSR Case Studies

Working at Tendrara

KELLY SHEETS - Tendrara Logistics Manager,  Sound Energy Morocco East

KELLY SHEETS - Tendrara Logistics Manager, Sound Energy Morocco East

Time spent working in the Moroccan field of Tendrara has been challenging, interesting, and very rewarding. From the hot summer days, dust storms, fog, rain, snow, to at times the limited phone and internet service, and not knowing when the next shipment of diesel will arrive, it has all culminated in the satisfaction of bringing a successful well online with no Lost Time Incidents.

I have been with Sound Energy  for one year now, primarily based in the Tendrara locations; however, this is not my first time working in remote areas. I have worked in the extreme cold temperatures in Northern Canada,  the Jungles of Argentina, the hot deserts of Yemen and UAE, the mountains of Kurdistan, with many nationalities, religions and cultural differences, and one thing that has always helped me to “come in tune” with the locals is a smile, a wave, a listening ear and respect of who they are. I firmly believe that if you treat people the way that you want to be treated and take the time to learn something about them, there will develop a mutual respect and a work environment that will be harmonious despite cultural barriers. With a mutual respect for what each individual brings to the job site, there is a common denominator which brings people together regardless of language and cultural barriers.

Work hours are long, time away from family and home is even longer, amenities are few, and frustration is at times high; however, everyone here has become my second family. We have our differences, arguments, tears and laughter but at the end of the day the fellow next to me has my back and I have his as we all work toward a safe and successful completion of the task at hand.

Local Community



Sound Energy places great importance on engaging with the community near our operations and ensuring that they benefit from our presence in the area. This approach is shown through the numerous ways that we have supported the local community near the Tendrara site in Morocco. They are as follows:

  • We have stimulated the economy in the area by employing local people across a range of job roles, from civil works and drilling to catering staff and truck drivers.
  • We have built a new water well, improving the local community’s access to water.
  • We sponsored an Association for Environmental Development. This Association is improving the environment in Bouarfa and has presented their work at a recent COP conference in Marrakesh.

In the future, there are a number of improvements we would like to carry out at the local school, such as the provision of electricity and access to running water and the construction of a playground.