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Health and Safety Policy


Sound Energy plc and its subsidiary companies are committed to conducting their business and operations in all areas of the world in a manner which achieves the following objectives:

  • Safeguard the HEALTH of its employees, contractors and the public.
  • Conduct its operations without accident, maintaining SAFETY as its goal.
  • Minimise the impact of its operations on, and maintain respect for, the ENVIRONMENT.

The Directors and Senior Officers of the Company will ensure that these objectives are achieved through:

  1. Ensuring that the standards and procedures adopted for its operations will meet the requirements of both the laws of local jurisdictions and international standards of best oilfield practice.
  2. Managing our activities to prevent pollution and to minimise adverse effects on the world around us.
  3. Ensuring that in designing our operations, health and safety hazards and environmental impacts have been fully assessed and appropriately mitigated.
  4. Ensuring that all personnel, including contractors employed by us, are fully aware of their HSE responsibilities and have been properly trained. The commitment to, and ability to adhere to, the above objectives will be a key factor in selecting and awarding contracts to third parties.
  5. Undertaking regular monitoring, audit and reporting of its operational activity to identify the necessary compliance with its HSE policy and objectives and adopting targets to achieve continuous improvement in HSE performances.
  6. HSE performance will be regularly reported to the Board of Directors, who will ensure that appropriate resources are provided to achieve the objectives of this policy in full.

Where the Company participates in, but does not operate, joint ventures it will seek to ensure that similar standards are adopted by its operators.

Considerations of health, safety and environment are the concern of all employees of the Company and its contractors. We will ensure that competent people, the correct equipment and appropriate standards and procedures are available to meet these considerations. Where necessary, the appropriate training will be provided.

We will always act responsibly and safely in our business to bring energy resources to market for the benefit of the community at large.


All employees working on site have received training of a high standard and the equipment used is certified and appropriate for the scope.
Sound Energy only use qualified contractors, who can work to the highest possible HSE standards.
A robust and consistent Company HSE Management System has been developed and is constantly reviewed and updated, ensuring that it is continually improved to reflect lessons learned from site operations.
Procedures for emergency scenarios have been developed. Training and drills are regularly carried out to ensure that all personnel are familiar with these procedures.
HSE is the responsibility of all personnel on site. Any concerns around health and safety can be raised by filling in a Sound Energy Observation Card.