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Health and Safety Policy


Sound Energy (Sound) and its subsidiary companies are committed to conduct their business and operations in all areas of the world in a manner which achieves the following ultimate goals:

  • Safeguard the HEALTH of their employees, contractors and the public.
  • Conduct their operations with SAFETY as a primary goal, preventing and reducing accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Minimize the impact of their operations on, and maintain respect for, the ENVIRONMENT.

Health, safety and environment are the concern of all employees and contractors. Sound ensures health and safety is of paramount importance in everything it does. Sound also looks to ensure its operations minimize the environmental impact and optimize the use of energy. Sound remains sensitive to community and employee needs in terms of civil and social commitment.

Sound is strongly committed to the health and welfare of its employees, contractors and visitors, and achieves these goals through:

  1. Implementation of a HSE Management System (HSE MS).
  2. Development of specific working procedures in order to meet the applicable legislation in force, industry standards and needs of shareholders and stakeholders.
  3. Management of operations preventing pollution and minimizing adverse effects on the environment.
  4. Regular monitoring and auditing of operational activities, which will ensure the compliance with HSE policies and objectives, and the achievement of the targets which are set for continuous improvement.
  5. Protection and promotion of human rights, social, economic and sustainable development progress and welfare of the community.
  6. Forbidding the use of unauthorized drugs and alcohol in the workplace by employees or other working personnel.

The HSE MS applies to its employees, partners and subcontractors who execute work at its premises and other sites where work is executed for Sound. The commitment to, and ability to adhere to, the above objectives, will be a key factor in selecting and awarding contracts to third parties. Where the Company participates in, but does not operate, joint ventures, it will seek to ensure that similar standards are adopted by its Operators. Where necessary, the appropriate training will be provided.

Sound is committed to use a systematic approach and continually seeks to improve the effectiveness of the HSE MS, to ensure that its business and operations are executed in a sustainable manner. The Executives regularly conducts management reviews of the HSE MS performance to verify implementation, monitor its effectiveness and take appropriate actions to ensure that continuous improvements can be achieved.

Sound reduction, is pollution committed to prevention decreasing and its using utilities environmental and energy impact more due to efficiently. its activities through waste reduction, pollution prevention and using utilities and energy more efficiently.


All employees working on site have received training of a high standard and the equipment used is certified and appropriate for the scope.
Sound Energy only use qualified contractors, who can work to the highest possible HSE standards.
A robust and consistent Company HSE Management System has been developed and is constantly reviewed and updated, ensuring that it is continually improved to reflect lessons learned from site operations.
Procedures for emergency scenarios have been developed. Training and drills are regularly carried out to ensure that all personnel are familiar with these procedures.
HSE is the responsibility of all personnel on site. Any concerns around health and safety can be raised by filling in a Sound Energy Observation Card.

Putting safety first

Putting Safety First is an HSE cultural enhancement programme developed by Sound Energy that is based on four key principles:

I will always ENCOURAGE those around me to act safely and praise those acting safely.

I will STOP any activity that I think is unsafe and will not commence any job I consider unsafe.

I will REPORT all unsafe acts and conditions, spills, incidents and accidents I see

This programme was devised to encourage and promote compliance with HSE procedures, increase HSE reporting and above all, empower everyone to stop any work that they consider to be unsafe without any consequences.

Life Saving Rules

Personal Safety

Driving Safety

Site Safety

Work Controls

Sound Energy has adopted the IOGP Life-Saving Rules, which are transposed throughout the DNA of Company activities and operations.

These rules have been extracted from an extensive survey undertaken throughout the International Oil and Gas HSE world that identified the activities that have historically resulted in the most significant incidents. The Life-Saving Rules, focusing on Personal Safety, Driving Safety, Site Safety and Work Controls, clearly and concisely stipulate what is expected of each and every person working for Sound Energy and that a no-tolerance policy is in place with respect to their non-compliance.

HSE Induction and Training Sessions

Daily HSE meetings are held for all staff and contractors on site to convey the Sound Energy HSE messages to all persons working on site and as a periodic reminder of the importance that HSE holds within Sound Energy.

Throughout 2018, Sound Energy organised a number of high-importance HSE training courses, such as Fire Fighting, First Aid and Defensive Drivers courses. Key people were selected for these courses, based on their roles and responsibilities and covered both Sound personnel and contractors.

HSE Reward and Recognition Programme

Sound Energy has developed an HSE Reward and Recognition programme for its drilling operations and sought to reward those demonstrating the best and safest HSE performance when working for Sound Energy.

Other HSE Initiatives Taken During 2018

Development and implementation of Land Transportation Safety Standards and Journey Management Procedures.

Implementation of In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems in Field and Rabat vehicles allowing for daily monitoring of driver performance and GPS localisation. This action resulted in a noticeable improvement in driver performance.